The last issue of volume 24 of LIBER Quarterly starts with a research paper that offers a comparative study between seven services that gather information about the quality of Open Access journals. Although the initiative for this study came from the Quality Open Access Market (QOAM), which is one of the seven services under study, our reviewers have found it refreshingly unbiased. Such services may become more and more important, now that the Open Access movement feels threatened by predatory journal publishers.

The issue closes with an extensive review paper about the role of academic social media, their relevance for the recognition of the scientific achievements of the researchers, and the potential role that can be played by our librarians in order to support the scholarship of their research institute. In preparing this review, the authors explored the scholarly profiles of researchers in the United States and in Europe, which now results in fascinating reading about traditional and alternative metrics, about author profiles (or “scholarly ­selfies”), about virtual research communities and much more.

The number of papers published in volume 24 is lower than usual, which is due to our insistence on high quality. At the end of next month, LIBER’s Annual General Conference takes place in London, with a fascinating programme full of interesting talks. This may constitute an important source of new papers, leading to the next volume where we expect both the quantity and the quality will be high!