At the end of 2018 we can look back at the impressive number of 20 contributions to our journal (compared to only 13 in 2017): 7 case studies and 13 regular articles. Half of these articles emanated from contributions at LIBER’s Annual Conferences (5 from Patras, 2017, and 5 from Lille, 2018). The main difference in their presentation is that we have abandoned the continuous pagination for a system in which each paper starts at its own page 1.

Pagination used to play a double role for paper journals: its main role was the localization of an article within the specific volume of a journal; the second role was the information about the length of an article. The first role became meaningless for digital journals, where the localization occurs through a URL or a DOI, especially when the ordering in the table of content does not follow the ordering of the pagination (as was the case with our volume 27). This is the reason for our change in policy.

Librarians, who have always been keen on metadata formats, should realize the importance of the DOI as an essential element of the metadata. In the reference lists of our papers we insist on including the DOI for each cited paper for which this is available, in the format “”.

The cover picture of the 2018 volume 28 shows the National Library of The Netherlands (or KB) in The Hague, which hosts the LIBER office.