This first issue of 2003 has been subjected to two substantial changes. The first change is the publisher. From now on LIBER QUARTERLY will be published electronically by Igitur, Utrecht Publishing & Archiving Services. Igitur is part of the Utrecht University Library and will be officially launched in October 2003 (www.igitur.nl). The former publisher Saur will make a printed edition of all the issues together of 2003 at the end of this year.

The second change is the editor. At the Graz conference last summer I let Elmar Mittler know that I was interested to be one of the new editors. However, in October I turned out to be the sole editor. The good thing is that Utrecht is very near to Amsterdam where I live and work, so it doesn't take much time to go to an editor/publisher meeting. The editorial work itself I like very much, especially in the electronic environment where you can enrich texts by dynamically linking to resources. These links (URL's) are static in a paper and PDF-version.

The 13th conference of the Groupe des Cartothécaires de LIBER took place at the Helsinki University Library in September 2002. The theme was "Strategies for Survival: collections, data, institutions". Chris Fleet, map librarian at the National Library of Scotland, wrote a somewhat personal and abbreviated account of the conference, and eight of the papers are published in this issue. The broad theme of the conference allowed addressing many different angles of survival, among others:

  ·   protection of national treasures
  ·   preservation and access
  ·   archiving
  ·   metadata
  ·   legal deposit
  ·   Internet map services

Although it is easy to link to pictures, maps, etc. in an electronic version, you'll hardly find any pictures in this issue. I expect that will change in the near future, as soon as it is well known that LIBER QUARTERLY offers this opportunity of hyperlinking.

Trix Bakker

LIBER Quarterly, Volume 13 (2003), No. 1