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Reading: Library Consortia in Croatia


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Library Consortia in Croatia


Maja Jokic


The problem of the increasing number of information sources and their costs as well as more demanding users on the one side, and limited financial resources on the other, has not avoided Croatia. One of the attempts to deal with this state of affairs is associating libraries into consortia. A consortium could, through cooperative cataloguing, help optimise the processing of library material, it could help in solving the problem of rational ways of continuous education of staff and users and coordinate acquisition policy through common purchasing of information resources, from bibliographic databases to electronic journals under various licensing conditions. This last aspect of cooperation in a consortium will be dealt with in detail in the text that follows.
How to Cite: Jokic, M., (2001). Library Consortia in Croatia. LIBER Quarterly. 11(1), pp.35–41. DOI:
Published on 14 Jul 2001.
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